The film: StarbyStar

Open from David Schock on Vimeo.

Here’s the trailer for the film StarbyStar: Naomi Long Madgett, Poet & Publisher.In reality, this trailer is the first ten minutes of the entire 82.  You mayy want to watch it in high definition.  The film had its premier April 20, 2011, at the Detroit Public Library. That accompanied a 40-linear foot display about the life and work of Dr. Madgett designed by Amanda Mary and printed by Olmsted Signs in Grand Haven.

Here’s the flyer for the film and the order form in case you don’t want to order on line.  Click to enlarge, and then simply print the pages:

The film is sold at two levels: $25 for individuals (plus $1.50 tax and $3.50mailing for a total of $30 for Michigan residents) and $195 for institutions. If you are a teacher and plan to show the film to your classes, please know that you (or more likely) your institution should buy the second.

DVD – The film: StarbyStar

  • February 6th, 2011
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